Wye River Beekeepers

Beekeeping 101
Michael Embrey will be offering beginning
beekeeping classes supported by the Upper
Eastern Shore Beekeepers, Lower Eastern
Shore Beekeepers and The Wye River
Beekeepers Associations.

You will learn…..
> About bees, in general
> About beekeeping equipment
> How and where to set up and establish
a hive, i.e. location, wind, etc.
> How to use a smoker
> How to hive a package of bees
> About “b” pests and diseases
> About winterizing your bees
> How to manage your colonies
> Honey Bee Union Rules
> Swarm Management
> Honey processing and marketing

The recommended tex tbook is “The
Beekeeper’s Handbook,” by Diana Sammataro, Fourth Edition. It is used in conjunction with the class and can be bought on Amazon.

Before starting to keep bees, we highly recommend taking a beginner beekeeping class.  

You will find it much easier to start with a solid foundation of the basics.  All the beginner classes will help you:

  • figure out what equipment you will need;
  • order your first honeybees;
  • understand honey bee behavior;
  • grasp seasonal management;
  • prepare for honey extracting;
  • and way too much more to list here! 

Most classes are taught in the late winter or early spring. If you are interested, contact us and we'll let you know when classes are scheduled.  

Here are the first classes for 2019 that we've heard of.  I recommend that you sign up now!  

2019 Chestertown Sessions
Classes will be held at Washington College, Miller Library, on THURSDAY EVENINGS in the Sophie Kerr Room in Chestertown, Maryland. There is free parking after 3:30 The opening session, the first of seven classes, will be held on Thursday, January 24, 2019 from
6:30 to 8:30PM. There will be a class for
students only from 4:00-6:00PM. Registration fee is $130.00. There will be a total of seven (7) classes and will be held on every other Thursday until mid-April. Class size is limited. Registration deadline is January 15, 2019.

2019 Easton Sessions
Classes will be held at the Talbot County
Extension Office, Marvel Court (off of Glebe Road) in Easton, Maryland. The opening session, will be held on SATURDAY, January 19, 2019 from 9:00AM – Noon. Registration fee
is $130.00. There will be a total of seven (7) classes, held every other Saturday until the middle of April. Class size is limited.
Registration deadline is January 12, 2019,
For program information, contact Mike Embrey, 410-924-0028, or mecharjew@yahoo.com Please make check payable to: Tuckahoe Apiaries.

Beekeeping is the greatest of all hobbies!  Ever!

Bees offer us a lifetime of learning and endless fun, not to mention plenty of honey!