Wye River Beekeepers

Bees offer us a lifetime of learning and endless fun, not to mention plenty of honey!

Beekeeping is the greatest of all hobbies!  Ever!

All the new beekeeper classes that I know of are already finishing.  Look for 2019 classes around the new year.  :)

Before starting to keep bees, we highly recommend taking a beginner beekeeping class.  

You will find it much easier to start with a solid foundation of the basics.  All the beginner classes will help you:

  • figure out what equipment you will need;
  • order your first honeybees;
  • understand honey bee behavior;
  • grasp seasonal management;
  • prepare for honey extracting;
  • and way too much more to list here! 

Most classes are taught in the late winter or early spring. If you are interested, contact us and we'll let you know when classes are scheduled.