Wye River Beekeepers


(Most are black)


The best answer is to just leave the bees alone.  Honeybees don't chew wood or plaster so they will not damage your home.   As long as their entrance is out of the way, just enjoy having them there.  Really.  It is great fun to just watch them come and go.  Your garden will appreciate it too.  


If the bees have to go, they have to go, contact us.  We have members who do this.  Include where you live, contact information, and a picture of the nest or one of the insects.  

Yellow Jackets

(note how shiny they look)


Spraying a hive is actually a poor solution as is trying to seal the hole in the wall.  Ignoring that its killing the bees, the main issue for the homeowner is that you have tons of dead bees and honey inside YOUR walls.  YUCK!  Nature is going to want to get at that food source.  Mice, rats and other critters will move in, causing YOU a bigger problem. 

Swarms are entirely different.  

First, identify the insect.  

Many insects are mistakenly call "honeybees."  Honey bees are very different critters than yellow jackets, hornets and wasps.  A quick look at the internet can help to easily ID what you have.  If it's not a honeybee, all we can recommend is to call an exterminator.  


(the good guys)

Bees have moved into my:
-home     -barn     -tree     -porch     -outbuilding     -wall     -chimney    

-structure     -bush     -deck

Oh My My, What do I do NOW?


Removing bees from structures is not a simple job.  Typically bees build a nest between the studs.  A beekeeper has to tear out the exterior around the nest, remove the bees and the nest.

Someone then needs to repair everything.  The monetary value of the honeybee is close to nil so it's not inexpensive.  There are several members of our club who do this.