For all who are interested in purchasing bees either nucs or packages here are some options:

Queens, Packages, and Nucs:

Eastern Shore of Maryland 

Beth Bloom, Local Queens
Phone: 443-783-4838
Pocomoke, MD

Dean Borough                                     - 3 lb package                       - available April 18th
Phone: 410-546-2910                        (marked Queen)                   $120

Mike Embrey                                      - 3 lb package                       - available on April 15th
Phone: 410-924-0028                        (marked Queen)                   $118
Queen Anne County

George Meyer - BeeGeorge            - Nucs $180                          - spring (weather dependent)
Oxford Maryland             ,

Other nearby Queens, Packages, and Nucs

Apex Bee Company                           - 3 lb package                       - available April 25th-27th
Phone: 410-404-1968                        (unmarked Queen)              and May 9th-11th
Baltimore                                              packages               $114       Nucs       $173

MannLake                                           - 3 lb package                       depends on Queen $213.45 - $217.45
Phone: 1-800-880-7694

Snyder's Apiaries, LLC                    3 lb package                        - available  April 13th
4747 Norrisville Rd                             package with       Italian Queen       $108
White Hall, MD 21161                       package with        Russian Queen     $111
Phone: 410 329-6671                         Nucs       $170
                                                             Queens                   Italian $16            Russian $29

Bob Jastrzebski                                  - 3 lb package                       - available April 7, 14, 28, and May 11
Phone 734-748-2185                          packages               $125       Nucs       $175

Tim Keller                                           - Nucs $175         
Phone: 717-376-6784                        Club pick up (most likely)

Lord Byron’s Apiaries                     - Nucs around April 1st (?)
Phone: 301-271-9057                                        $180
Frederick County

Beekeeping is the greatest of all hobbies.  We are a group on the eastern shore of Maryland dedicated to honeybees and beekeeping.  Come explore this incredibly fun and interesting world with us!


Linda Turner

Anna Wysocki put this list together of people who are selling packages, nucs and queens.  Some are nearby on the shore. 

2019 Officers


David Kyger

See list below for who is selling queens, packages and nucs 

Vice President

Anna Wysocki

Beekeeping on the eastern shore of Maryland


Edzel Turner

Dave Kyger accepts a donation from Mike Embry

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